Graduate School preparatory course

Graduate entrance exam course(Enroll time 18 months-2years)

This course is especially designed for students who have foreign degree and are planning to enter in Japanese universities.
Student receive special guidance to enter graduate schools of specialization in our school. Our School council for students through the network of Japanese and Chinese Professors about courses, preparation for entrance and many more.


1:This program is for those who aim for master degree (
2:Enrollment time 1.3Years(Jan intake)・1.6Years (Oct intake) ・1.9Years(July Intake)2Years (April Intake) (There is special course for 6 months also)
3:Achieve higher level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 at the completion.
4:The grant rate of certificate of eligibility is 100%、College enrollment rate is also 95% till date.
5:Special guidance course and Seminar system by Chinese professor.
6:Special recommendation system by Chinese professor.
7:Major Universities

Graduate school of Asia-Pacific, Waseda University/Graduate School of Economics, Tokyo University of Economics /Graduate University of Commerce, Chuo University/Takushoku University, Graduate school of international co-operation studies. /Graduate School of Oceanography, Tokai University /Graduate School of Humanities and science, Hosei University /Graduate school of Economics, Hosei University /Governor Hotel University, Graduate school of Asia.
Class Educational content Educational goals
Beginners class Basic Conversation and pronunciation practice.
Basic Vocabulary and basic grammar.
Acquisition of basic sentence pattern and practice exercise.
Grammar skill improvement

Based on everyday conversation with correct pronunciation.

Class level will reach up to N3 of JLPT Examination


Intermediate Level class

Acquisition of the necessary grammatical sentence and patters.
Practical conversation and listening comprehension improvement.

Improve comprehension of Japanese words
Practical writing skills acquisition

Basic skills corresponding on the learning capacity of students.

Class level will reach up to N2 of JLPT Examination


High level class

Sentence comprehension training
Advance grammar training
Conversation and listening comprehension training
Practical sentence training

High level writing and conversation

Class level will reach up to N2 of JLPT Examination


Advance level class Reading comprehension practice from movable type news.
Acquiring insight into the research and literature
Respond to the discussion and expression skills
Report writing skills.

College and graduation school

Acquires professional Japanese Comprehensive ability.