Nursing Course

General incorporated association Japan-China Educational Exchange organization(JCEEO) Japan nurse certification examination special course

[Application Requirement]

1. Class installation・recruiting person

2014nurse national examination special class (JCEEO special scholarship) 20person/year.

2. Application and course calendar of 2014

Period Course date Application time Course completion date
Phase1 2014/ 4/ 1 2013/10/1

Phase2 2014/7/1 2013/12/1

Phase3 2014/10/1 2014/3/1

Phase4 2015/1/1 2014/5/1

(If you have passed the nurse national examination before you can get job in specified clinics)

3.Flow of the Procedure


Document screening・Interview

Local interview

Result announcement

Signature of the contract

Documentation for visa application process

Document review・apply to the Immigration Bureau as a proxy applicant
↓Notify the status of residence application result
Notify the status of residence application result

Apply for visa to the nearest Japanese consulate

Enter japan and join the school

4. Eligibility Requirements (All items must be clear)

1. You must complete 12 years of education in china and those who have received professional education for more than 3 years (total education is 15 years)
2. Those who have national qualification of nurse in china
3. In china you must learn at least 150 hours of Japanese、and you should have Japanese Proficiency test N5 level. (Japanese Language Proficiency Test or level corresponding to N5 class admitted by the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau)
4. In response to the recommendation from the affiliated school、and those who are in educational exchange mechanism and who have passed medical corporation selection test.

5. We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations、As well as in accordance with the provisions of school management、After you pass the national examination you are eligible to work in the medical corporation for more than five years、Monthly salary starts from Monthly ¥ 50,000.
(More than three years of working、It will be exempted from the repayment obligation balance to be repaid to the excellent nurses)

5. Qualification (At the time of application submission)

① Application form
② Diploma or degree certificate of enrolled school or last graduated school.
③ Nurse License of china(Only the acquirer)
④ Personal identity card.
⑤ 8Photos (3cm×4cm、color photo with blue or white background)

6. Documents to file after the announcement of acceptance

① Passport copy(submission of first page with picture)
② Curriculum vitae(Format specified by Nitto International School which is available in school website for download)
③ Education
・College Graduate:University or degree certification report+University Diploma(Original)
・University running:High school graduate(Original)+College running
④ Current result waiting
・ College graduates:College running
・ University Running:High school three years performance certificate+College entrance examination(high Remarks) performance certificate report+Transcript of university
⑤ Japanese Language Learning Certificate
⑥ Japanese language Learning Certificate

⑦ To submit other documents(Transcript)

7. Supplementary Explanation

Scholarship inquiries, applications, documents, test results, are all specified and confirmed by the agency according to the General Incorporated association Japan-China educational Exchange mechanism (JCEEO).
Japan, Kanagawa prefecture Sagamihara city midori ward ooyama town 6-7thirty-four hashimoto ooyama building 101.

Nurses National eligibility test special course scholarship

Main purpose

 According to educational exchange mechanism, as a measure to improve the aging of society medical services, and has implemented a high level program nursing human resources. As a result, universities have a nurse training qualification of China, those enrolled in nursing or profession of nurse and who have graduated N1 level of Japanese Proficiency Test came to Japan for further professional training on the very course, and to challenge the nurse national qualification test of Japan. You are allowed to work for a Japanese medical institutions as a nurse after you pass the examination.

System introduction

 According to educational exchange mechanism, Nitto International School (Associated to Association of Promotion of Japanese Language Education and approved by the Ministry Justice of Japan Immigration bureau) is affiliated (allowed for the lecture) to the lecture of nurse national examination    General incorporated association Japan-China Educational Exchange organization with the alliance Medical Corporation offers scholarships (loan, interest fee) to the students of those courses. Students who have passed the national examination will be hired by medical group with advance facilities.

Principal feature

1. Educational exchange mechanism, run the education program through a dedicated team consisting of university professors, carried out with the cooperation from the qualification exam measures leading national exam preparation course practice test, and many more.
In addition, Medical Corporation is dispatched to doctor and nurses experience as an instructor, performs education of vocational morality along with the nursing knowledge, also provides a forum for medical training.
2. In general Nitto International School receives the management guidance from the Institute of Japan-China educational exchange mechanism, to provide students learning environment and living facilities. Paid internship and part-time job in the medical stores or clinics, it guarantees student the opportunity to get a legitimate income too.

3. Medical corporation, connecting students to nurse national examination measures course, employment conditions after you clear the examination and scholarship repayable plans.

Partner Schools

 As an eligible course、selected general incorporated association Japan-China Educational Exchange organization、and students of the school signs the partnership agreement、or limited to graduate. All procedure in this course in Japan will be done by our partner school. All Applicants must have some Japanese learning period in China, students must reach a predetermined reference. In addition, in the test site, which is installed in each partner school, you must undergo a screening test and an interview by the Institute.

Scholarship (Unit Japanese Yen)

Interest-Fee, Loan scholarship(Full amount)Per year 1,500,000 Yen,up to 2years it is divided into 4 phase every year. (By scholarship provision that defines the medical corporation side, in some case there may be some changes to the above mentioned contents.)

Other Expenses(Unit:Japanese Yen)

1. Dormitory Average expenses 22,000〜26,000 Yen(First levy is equivalent to three months, including one month’s dormitory fee.)
2. The average monthly living expense is about 30,000Yen(Personal burden)
3 Health Insurance charge average 1,000 yen/ year (For first time 8000 Yen)
4. Paid internship and part-time job income average revenue about 100,000Yen (28 hours per week)
Note: In educational exchange mechanism and medical corporations we arrange a part-time job in such training and other companies and shops in Tokyo.