Student dormitory 『やまなし寮』

Yamanashi Hostel』 JR Yokohama line/Keio Line Its only 13 min from Hashimoto Station by foot、16 min to school by foot

Kanagawa ken Sagamihara city midoriku higashi hashimoto 1-8-7.

Building Name

Esupowaru Yamanashi


4 story building with light steel frame.

4 story building with light steel frame.
1st floor

Room ・Dining room・kitchen・Bathroom(two bathrooms available)
Dressing room and toilets(two toilets available)・Stairs
Equipment : rice-cooker2    electric kettle5

      refrigerator3      microwave oven
2nd  floor

Dormitory Room(2 rooms with capacity of 4 person each and 2 rooms with capacity of 2 person each.

Equipped with rest rooms and washing machines.

3rd  floor

Four rooms in total, two with capacity of 4 person per room and two rooms with 2person per room.

Equipped with, rest room and washing machines.

4th floor

Four rooms in total each capable of holding 2 persons per room

Equipped with rest room and washing machine.

Other expenses

4person Room 22,000円+2,000 Yen(Management cost)
3Person Room 25,000円+2,000 Yen(Management Cost)
2Person Room 28,000円+2,000 Yen(Management cost)
*Room equipped with :futon・Pillow・study desk and chair
Intermediate fee : Rent of one month

Security deposit: Rent of one month   

Key Money: Rent of one month

Initial cost and details / Example:double room

General course:30,000Yen/Month
Dormitory expenses:30,000Yen
Facility expenses:30,000Yen/Year
Security Deposit:30,000円
Necessary cost of DormitoryTotal 281, 0000YenFor six months
Utility cost、Pick up charge from airport +Futon charge + Living wares=20,000Yen
(Pick-up cost、House hold goods(Futon、pillow、pot、bowl)、Tuition、and rent should be transferred together.
*There may be fluctuation in the dormitory. 

Utility Cost details: Water bill、Electricity bill、Gas bill
*These cost must be paid by self every month.
We will send bill to concerned person and the concerned person should pay the bill to the representative of the school every month.