Principal greeting

Principal profile

Yamada Yoshiaki
Professor Bunka Women's University
Doctorate in Literature

Message from the Principal

 Construction of International relation through prosperity and co-existence through dialogue has become important in the world. Especially in Asia it is not only respected in government level but has been also respected in national level. Nitto international School, we are strongly established in the flow of such era. This Institute promotes, Japanese education in accordance with the diverse needs of learners, especially provide support to foreign students who have interest in learning Japanese. Through the kindness and polite guidance, it is familiar with Japanese, and has the goal of human resource development with global artists. This institute in order to provide a better educational environment for international students, has signed a cooperative relationship, such as student exchanges and credits exchanged between the part of the universities of China and Japan. This Institute, by the experienced and faculty effort with professional in Japanese education, draws out full potential that is hidden in learners, everyone is accomplished with academic honors, and is striving further for targets, so we committed to support with full effort. In 21st century who aim globally is welcomed to join Nitto International School.