Sponsorship system

Japan Chinese Teachers Association, is the Chinese education professional academic organization where Chinese teachers of Chinese nationality and Chinese-Japanese nationality of Japan are participated. This association was founded in 1996, currently including the active Chinese teacher of the university, engaged in active membership of about 320 people in the Chinese education in various fields, is the largest Chinese faculty academic organizations in Japan with about 200 member. The current president, Professor Wang Shuguang of Takushoku University including 11 Directors from Tokyo, Kansai, Chubu, has been distributed to each region. 

Association regularly publishes the academic journal of education and Chinese research referred to as "Chinese education research", faculty member are free to post without economic burden。In addition, the association has published Chinese textbook total of 24 titles, member group has been creating, editing, learning Chinese Dictionary total of three titles, and other Chinese learning reference books. In a special designation trader, Eiwa planning ltd publication issue business of the association, each member of university works here ・Junior college・Vocational school・It designs the text book in middle and high school and in private Chinese school ・It provides order of the reader in cheapest price available.

Council member of Nitto International School

Chief of the Council of the Commission:Wang Shuguang(Takushoku University・Professor of graduate school international cooperation)

Members:Yu Boatian(Professor of Human Sociology Japan Women’s University )/Ju dong Ying(Professor Saitama Institute of Technology Department of Information System )/Xing Zhiqiang(Kokushikandaigaku 21st century Asia faculty)/Wu Yue(Rikkyo University professor of economics )/Cui guangri(Professor of Shobi University Faculty of Policy Studies)/Sun Meng(Professor of law, Waseda University )/Chen Shumei(Nippon Institute of Technology Media Faculty)/Feng Furong(Professor of Aichi Shukutoku University Faculty of Communication)/Tengtian Li na(Professor of kokushikan University)/Li Tinjinang(Professor of Central University faculty of law)/Xiongda Yun(Yamanashi Gukuin University)