The flow the procedure

Flow up to admission

1.Applicant must fill the application paper along with the eight color picture of size 3 × 4 cm (with white or blue background)
2.Submit the application documents as prescribed by Immigration Bureau.
3.School will perform the verification of academic documents of the applicant
4.The School will apply for the Certificate of eligibility instead of the applicant.
5.After the issue of eligibility certificate from Immigration bureau
6.Students have to pay admission and tuition fee
7.After the conformation of the remittance school will mail the documents to the concerned applicant or to the concerned institute.
8.After the certificate of eligibility is delivered applicant should apply to the nearest Embassy of Japan.
9.After the embassy issues the visa applicant is allowed to fly to Japan.

Admission Guide - application method

In Nitto International School we accept applications in 5 different ways.
1.Window application
2.Online application
3.Application via overseas office
4.Partner schools
5.Other application methods