Required Documents

List of documents required for Application

Curriculum vitae

(Use format prescribed by Nitto International School 、Applicant must fill in the form.「Reason for study 」Must be translated in Japanese Language)

Final education background (Diploma)

(Original certificate is necessary、Original certificate will be returned at later date.
Japanese translation is required for the academic certificates, you must submit the certificates of University or High school.

Submission of accreditation report.


If you did not enter University→「High school graduation and Performance certificate 」

Those who entered University→「University qualification report 」  

Who graduated from University or High school→「Degree certification report 」
※Each of the certificates listed above should be verified by (Ministry of Education or Training International Education Development Bureau) 。You may apply for English version。When you apply for a "certification report" issued in the net, there is an "institution code" in the form, to fill in the school code "B720". Certification report is supposed to be mailed to the school directly from an accredited institution.


a. High school graduates who did not entered university, submit the transcripts of High School.

 (Japanese translation is required)※ If the certificate is in English you do not need to translate it into Japanese)  

b College should submit transcript the student enrolled but not graduated.

(Japanese translation is required)※If the certificate is in English you do not need to translate it into Japanese)  

c University graduates should submit transcript of 4years

(Japanese translation is required).※ If the certificate is in English you do not need to translate it into Japanese)

「Japanese Language Proficiency Test」N5 grade certificate (N5 is the lowest level of examination)

「J-TEST」E-F Level pass certificate 、NAT Test N5 passed certificate.   
※If you cannot submit the result certificate, submit the voucher of the examination.   
※Immigration specified date(i.e. Application submission date)if you are unable to submit the Japanese ability certificate you should provide the following documents

A.Supporters「Certificate of employment」
b.Supporters「Income tax payment certificate」
c.Bank statement of three years
(Document providing balance of   2,500,000Yen)


Statement of financial support



(Use the format prescribed by Nitto International School. It should be filled by applicant. (Japanese and English is available)

Notarized statement →Notarized statement about the relationship between applicant and sponsor

(Apply to the agency to issue a notarial deed and, when to apply, you can ask them to attach a Japanese translation in public institutions. "Applicant" in the notarial deed refers to prospective international students). 

Made by Bank「Personal balance certification」


(Around 3 million Japanese yen. Rather than the normal balance proved the deposit balance proof and you should have those amount in bank for at least 2 months) 
Documents which should be submitted to Nitto International School are as follows
①Application form is of 3 pages. 
(Color picture、With blue or  white background。Breadth3cm×Height 4cm)